Nuthin’ Days

I haven’t had one for a while. Sometimes I load my calendar so full my colors run together.

Do you keep a Google Calendar? I admit I’m a Google lover.

I live by Google. Calendar, Gmail, Chrome, YouTube, Google Search, Google Books, Google Finance, Google Hang Outs, Google News, Google Docs, Google Drive, Google Plus, Google Maps & Waze, Google Analytics, and of course Google Android operating system for my Mobile.

So on Google Calendar I color-code events so when I look at my week I see all the dark blue coded hours for band gigs, red for appointments and meetings of all kinds, dark green for classes, some orangish type color for the synced football-basketball games I follow, lavender for personal memos (like time for KC’s flea medication), light green for birthdays, light red for concerts or talks I’m seeing, yellow for pre-existing days (Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc).



Next week, not this week, I have a nuthin’ day.
Looking forward to it. I’m not telling which day, because sure enough you’ll call and want to have lunch or meet. Nope, it’s my nuthin’ day. I may write, watch nuthin’ on TV, or take a nap.

Back when my Mom gave up her car keys, sometime around age 96 or 97, she had nuthin’ days. Drove her crazy. I probably inherited her “always doing stuff” gene. I’d call her and ask what was going on and she, sounding depressed, would say, “I just sit around and do nuthin’. I can’t go anywhere or do anything. I can’t understand why I’m living so long.” She was still saying that “living too long” thing a few days before she died last year…Just 21 days short of reaching triple digits.

When she had to go to the “home” she still had a few nuthin’ days, but there was entertainment, group events and more visitors than she had at home. She missed her home and her freedom, but had fewer nuthn’ days. There was always the room-mate talking and keeping her mind active.

She hated her nuthin’ days. I love mine.

Sorry, Mom, but nuthin’ days are a vacation for the brain.

Be sure to schedule a few for yourself.

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One Response to Nuthin’ Days

  1. joanraymondwriting says:

    I agree Dan. We need nuthin’ days to refresh and face the ‘do everything’ days.

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