We Beat Estonia. Yea!

We Beat Estonia. Yea!

Where in the hell is Estonia! Don’t matter. We beat them. And believe it or not, we also beat New Zealand. Yea!

This thing where we beat the hell out of Estonia is in the newest Lancet study. What is Lancet? It’s a weekly peer-reviewed Medical Journal founded in London in 1823. The Lancet is one of the oldest and one of the best known medical journals in the world.

The Lancet studies many things having to do with medicine, living, dying and getting well. They publish case reports, medical findings, editorials, correspondence, book reviews and studies.

Their latest study is what I’m discussing today. This may be the most comprehensive study of human health, disease, poverty, water sanitation, vaccine inoculations, response to natural disasters, HIV…and on and on.

This study combines TEN YEARS of research on thirty three different topics, like the ones above, all compiled to show the countries with the best living standards and health.

When you see the results,which doesn’t show the USA as #1, I’m sure there will be skepticism, disbelief, crying foul, rigged system and other notes of anguished critics. After all, if someone even suggests that we aren’t the Number One in everything, then that person is probably a commie-pinko who should move if they don’t drink the kool-aid.


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So we should ask WHO did this terrible survey which didn’t find us Numero Uno?

Just one thousand eight hundred and seventy researchers from one hundred and twenty four countries. I’ll spell it out. 1870 scientists from 124 countries (yes we were one of the countries with many of the scientists) compiled the data from 33 different data points collected over a TEN YEAR STUDY.

I’m sure there is at least one individual who will say it is a Chinese hoax. I believe he also said that about Climate Change. Oh, well, you can be rich and still be a moron (or claim to be rich, how would we know?)

So read it and weep.
Here are the healthiest and highest living standards ranked by country.

Don’t worry, we beat Estonia.

Performance of countries based on measures of 33 factors
including diseases, suicide rates, road injuries, smoking,
water qualities, war…and more.

1   Iceland                   16  Denmark
2   Singapore               17  Cyprus
3   Sweden                  18  Belgium
4   Andorra                  19  Switzerland
5   United Kingdom    20  Italy
6   Finland                   21  Brunei
7   Spain                      22  Portugal
8   Netherlands            23  Israel
9   Canada                   24  France
10 Australia                 25  Slovenia
11 Norway                  26  Greece
12 Luxembourg           27  Japan
13 Ireland                    28 United States
14 Malta                      29 Estonia
15 Germany                30 New Zealand



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4 Responses to We Beat Estonia. Yea!

  1. Pridemoreski says:

    Oh well, as fucked up as we are, I ain’t movin’

  2. Poor US , so far down the list. Happy to see the UK at number 5 – just saying…


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