I Love My Boss

I do love my boss. I have had many bosses over the years and disliked a few of them. Then there were some I respected, but still didn’t like. I only liked a couple.
Today I can say I love my boss.

A strange word, boss, and I had to do a lot of googling to come with valid originations of the word.

It seems the word came from the Dutch word, baas, meaning “a master.” A Dutch ship’s captain was called “baas.”

So, Boss and Master actually have the same meaning.

The only reason we dropped the usage of “master” for our work boss was because it was closely used to distinguish slave labor instead of free labor. Ugh.

Obviously we can also see the other close usages of “master” like Maestro (conductor) and the English took the French word “maistre” and used it as “master” for teachers, directors and academia titles.

Bosses come with different temperaments.

Bosses can be very unforgiving.

50705355 - angry boss firing female colleague by showing the door with his forefinger

Bosses can be domineering.

50225575 - a young confused businessman being fired by large boss hand concept with drawn speech bubbles, exlamation, question marks

Bosses can be efficient and cool.

52216128 - office businessman pug dog as boss and chef , busy and burnout , sitting on leather chair and desk, telephones hanging around

My bosses throughout my life were an odd group. No matter their management style, their true personality always rose to the top, or bottom.

An example: I had a boss who was the Sales Manager of a large Manufacturing/Wholesale company who planned a big sales contest. Since we sales reps only met twice a year at the home office, this was a six month contest for sales of a specific divisional product. The winner was to receive a limo for the night taking him and his product manager on the town for drinks and dinner at a top-rated restaurant in St. Louis. We were a male sales force of around two dozen representatives. Two of us, let’s call the winners Bill and Dan, tied. Cool! Bill and Dan and their product manager were to get the night on the town.

This wasn’t exactly how it went down. Our sales manager, who used the Donald J. brand of orange tanning lotion, wanted to take part in this company-paid adventure. So the limo, with the four guys (Bill, Dan, Product Manager and Sales Manager) made a stop at an apartment complex and the Sales Manager left us in the limo for a few minutes and went into the apartment complex. Out he came with a beautiful blonde on his arm (one of his current flames) and she entered the limo with we puzzled “winners.” We then proceeded to the current “hot” dance club in St. Louis where we three “winners” ate a horrible meal and spent hours watching our Sales Manager dance, smooch, and try to impress the new flame. We left the club early, thankfully, and he dropped us off at our hotel and he, his lady and the limo drove off into the St. Louis night.

This was one of the bosses in my life I didn’t like, respect or pay much attention to anything he said. Gratefully, neither did the owner of the company and the winter-tanned sales boss was gone after a short stay.

Let me tell you about my current boss.

He listens to me. He has empathy for my feelings. He believes in me. He thinks I work too hard and should cut back a bit. He thinks I’m underpaid and constantly bitches about it to the heavens. My boss only wants the best for me.

I have to admit, he’s the best boss I’ve ever had.

A recent example: If you look at the top of my blog title, you’ll see the words, Mon & Fri. This means I’m supposed to write a blog every Monday and Friday. Last Friday, I didn’t feel like it. I wasn’t sick. I wanted to do something else. So, honestly, I called in sick. I told my boss I wasn’t up to writing my Friday blog. He said, “No Problem.”

That’s a boss I believe in. I’d do anything for my boss.

I can’t wait til “National Bosses Day.” It’s just two weeks away.
I have this beautiful gift all picked out for him.

I hope you feel that way about your boss.

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  1. N says:

    GET TO WORK dan

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