Proposition Me!

Hey big boy!
How about it?
May I proposition you?
Like seventeen times?


Yeah, this man is getting propositioned SEVENTEEN times. That’s how many propositions on my ballot. That’s how many decisions I have to make.
That doesn’t count the dozens of live people to choose for elected office.

How about some help?
I know my friends in my birth-state of Indiana have ONE proposition this year. They have had SIX propositions to decide in the last TWENTY FIVE years. This year the one proposition in Indiana is to make it the 20th state to pass a constitutional amendment making Indiana a “Right To Hunt and Fish” state. Oh boy. How exciting.

We idjits in California like to elect representatives who don’t want to pass laws that might make them lose their jobs, so they let the electorate make all the laws through propositional government. Believe me, it’s much easier just deciding if we want to be a right to fish and hunt state.

Maybe my friends can help me make some decisions on my SEVENTEEN propositions on this year’s ballot. There are a few I just can’t make decisions about.

Of course I could read my Voter Registration Guide.

My Voter Registration Guide, sent out to all registered voters, has Two Hundred and Twenty Three pages. That’s not a typo. I’m serious.

My first novel, Barstow Blues, (shameless plug) has One Hundred Ninety Six pages.
My second novel, CKS, (another shameless plug) has One Hundred Eighty pages.
Get my point?  It’s easier to ask for my friends help. So help me.

Proposition 60:
Requires performers in adult films to use condoms during filming of sexual intercourse.

I know, that’s a tough one.

There’s even more regulations in this proposition. It would require producers to pay for vaccinations, testing and medical examinations related to sexually transmitted infections. It would also require producers to obtain (that means BUY) state health licenses and post the new condom requirements at film sites.

Now the real tickler (excuse the double entendre) in this proposed regulation is the cost. Someone calculated enforcement of this new law would exceed ONE MILLION DOLLARS. That sends up a negative flag for me. I pay enough taxes.

However it also raises the possibility of added jobs for retired senior citizens. You know, the condom investigators. Hmmmm. I have some free time available. Hmmmm. I’m going to have to weigh the pros and cons of that proposition some more.


Proposition 64: Marijuana Legalization

I never thought I’d live to see the day that politicians in Sacramento are supporting a legal pot law. Our Lieutenant Governor helped write the proposition. I think they are jealous of the extra tax dollars that Colorado is collecting. New sources of revenue. Something new to tax.

I say, be careful on the tax thing. Washington State is taxing the legal market out of business. I have friends in that great state that have gone back to buying their weed from their old street dealers. Cheaper!

Do I personally think that adults should have the right to use marijuana? Hell Yes!
I have felt that way for fifty years.

HOWEVER, there’s always a however with me. I’m a firm believer in Science. Science with a capital S. Every notable study of our brains points to ONE TRUTH about our brains. Our frontal cortex is not completely formed until the age of 24 or 25. Think about that. Our DECISION making area of our brains needs more time to develop before it should be entrusted with adult beverages and hallucinogens.

Why do you think the majority of car crashes involve drivers under the age of twenty five? Bad decisions. Add legalized alcohol and pot to the equation and it’s deadly.
Do you know any potheads that started the daily use of marijuana when they were young?
I do. That’s all I’ll say on that issue.

HOWEVER, here’s the other side. We have this built-in American idea that TWENTY ONE is the age of adulthood for alcohol and drug use. We bring up silly arguments about guys old enough to go to war ought to be old enough to drink and smoke pot. I’m not sure what one has to do with the other, but that’s my dilemma, not yours.

The bottom line. This marijuana legalization can be a good thing if they don’t tax it out of business. The drug cartels will be hurt in a big way. The weed will be safer to use, not sprayed with rat poison, herbicides and growth stimulators. Good medical-weed shops already sell good weed. But, there are entirely too many bad unregulated medical-weed shops.

So, I’ll probably join the majority of Californians voting YES, but I have my howevers that concern me.


Just vote!

And Indiana, be proud! You are about to become a “Right to Fish and Hunt” state. Yippee!

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