The Joke of Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

Why do politicians always say the word, “Jobs” in groups of threes? I guess it sounds like music to our ears. If I say it four times it sounds like I’m beating you over the head with the word. If I say it twice you can mistake it for a star-wars character. (the worst character ever!)

So we’re stuck with hearing every politician tell us he or she is going to create jobs, jobs, jobs.

61860781 - politician: putting money in the bank

55385214 - politician: man holding up yellow hard hat

Let me just say two things about jobs jobs jobs.

Number ONE.

Anyone who says they are going to give giant tax breaks to the wealthiest people in order to create jobsjobsjobs is lying. It has never worked, it will never work and it’s a lie.

This giving huge tax breaks to the wealthiest started in the Reagan years. What it did do is triple our national debt. When taxes were raised on the wealthy and lowered on the middle class, millions of jobs were created. It’s always worked that way and it always will. The middle class buy shit. Lots of shit. If I have an extra dollar I’ll probably buy a candy bar. Someone has to make that candy bar. That’s all I want to say about ridiculous giant tax breaks for the only people in our economy who are prospering.

That ties directly to my second point.

Jobs are going away. Jobs will continue to go away. Millions of jobs every year are going away. The more money and profits corporations and rich folks get the faster they automate and do away with labor. It’s the way of our world. It’s where we have to go. There is no stopping it. We must think of solutions and stop telling gullible people we are going to create jobsjobsjobs.

What jobs? Most manual labor jobs are going away.

If your job can be done by a robot it will be. Period.

Any job that pays less than $20 per hour will be automated.

In Europe there are self-driving trucks and boats already on the roads. Within five years most trucks on the road will be self-driving. It will be so much safer, but THREE MILLION USA truck drivers will be out of work. Another THREE MILLION support people will be out of work.

Volvo Trucks, platooning

Volvo Trucks, platooning

In Pittsburgh a driver less Uber car will pick you up and haul you around. No more cab drivers. It will be in every city in a few years. Millions of cabbies across our nations will be out of work.

Anyone who thinks the coal industry is going to create new jobsjobsjobs is a fool. Politicians didn’t destroy the coal industry jobs. The first destroyer of jobs was the coal companies who started automating their peeling off tops of mountains. The big job killer of coal jobs was natural gas. It’s cheaper, cleaner and we like cheaper. No coal jobs are coming back . The jobs that are left are going away. Permanently.

We are in a zero-sum economy. Capital always trumps labor so the people who have capital will continue to get richer as our middle class disappears and our poor class increases.

Our future will be Without Jobs Jobs Jobs. We must talk about it and stop lying to people that if we give rich people more money they will give us jobsjobsjobs. No, they will automate. They have to automate. It is our new world so let’s solve that problem.

Our unemployed jobs rate will be close to 50% in ten years.

The idea that a 50 year-old truck driver, a house-wife working the counter at McDonalds, a 47 year-old cab driver, an employee on a freighter are all  going back to school to learn programming is silly.

We can have a real-life Hunger Games economy or we can solve it.

There are conservative economists (Friedman, Murray, Hayek) who agree with many liberal economists on some solutions to our dilemma. The biggest problem is this automated world is upon us now. We don’t have a decade to think about solutions.

An automated world in a time of Climate Change.

Sorry grandkids, we spent a lot of time watching football and ignoring thinking.

49825633 - profile view of a group of male friends cheering for their football team while watching the game at home

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