Imagination not Fear

It didn’t take long for Millennials to be the largest living generation of the United States. The latest estimate of 83 million blew past the 74.9 Baby Boomers. Baby Boomers are aged 50 to 69 years old.
Millennials are aged 18 to 34.


When the oldest Millennials were in grade school they started using smart phones. They have never know a world without fingertip instant questions answered of knowledge, sports scores, weather everywhere, movies, plays, restaurants and menus, maps and directions, calendars and appointments, instant ticket purchases for anything, instants music of any kind, movies or television on demand, professional quality camera, instant scrapbooks of family and friends with photos, message talks and text talks to most people all over the world, social media posts, barcode scanning, personal clinical health records and evaluations, Dictionaries and Thesauruses, and last, but not least, they can make phone calls too.

My point being they are the future that has exploded the world we other three hundred million souls are trying to stay sane as we can’t believe we actually have over 200 passwords (true) to navigate our lives.

Multitasking used to be talking to our teenagers while we did the dishes. Then we installed dishwashers. Wow, we couldn’t believe the time we saved. At that time we thought the world was really changing fast. Ha!

I love most of the changes. I’m sorry the Millennials will never know the joy of forming relationships like we did. The long, quiet walks together. The communication while holding hands, not smartphones. But I don’t want to change them or impose my values like many of my peers

We have so much anger, and most of it comes from the spinning world leaving us behind. We want to blame everybody and force the world  to… you know…go back to when things (America) was great. When times were slower and the immigrants were mostly lite-skinned and didn’t scare us. When white men made the laws and ruled the place.

Sorry, it isn’t going to happen you poor angry people.

We aren’t going to accept a world where we threaten our rivals with jail.
We aren’t going to accept a world where we torture our enemies and kill their families.
We overwhelmingly reject breaking up our agreed alliances and treaties.
We aren’t going to live in a world that rejects Science and negates truths as Chinese hoaxes.
We won’t allow our leaders to use bullying, intimidation and humiliation of people they disagree with.
We won’t ever accept our leaders to demean our mothers, our wives, our daughters.
We reject any leader who cannot apologize for horrendous statements and lies.
We can’t have a leader who only knows mastery over others and therefore can never understand the principles of free trade, of NATO, or the separation of powers and compromise.
We will never accept a leader who demeans a Federal Judge because of his parent’s ethnicity.
We will not accept our leaders threatening our public newspapers.
We will never accept the first candidate in our nation’s history to subject our press pool to mob hatred.
We cannot accept such a small-brained person who actually muses about using nuclear weapons.

Most of all, because our world is changing so quickly we cannot turn our anger into acceptance of a political movement run by a group called “Alt-Right” which describes our fast-changing world into a “hell whole of chaos, disorder and crime” that can only be fixed by a doofus strongman who they control.

Most of all the Millennials won’t allow their new world, which, by the way, is already very great, to be destroyed and regressed to a time when America was not so great.

Thanks for that Millennials.
We angry old white guys sometimes lose our way in these fast paced times.

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2 Responses to Imagination not Fear

  1. fiddlrts says:

    So refreshing to see a Boomer stand up for the much-maligned Millennials. 🙂

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