RESET 2272017

I realize we live in strange times. I’ve watched enough movies, read plenty of books and once was even brain-scrambled into believing certain folks could walk on water and cure leprosy.

So…today became my first experience of a total reset in reality, history and things I thought were facts. Clark Kent proved to me years ago that being faster than a speeding bullet and able to leap tall buildings in a single bound was possible if you stood for truth, justice and the American way.

Recently I’ve been heading to my evening bed slumber much earlier than previous times. I’ve allowed doctors to pump my body filled with strange drugs and admonishments about my damaged brain. But, last night, the academy awards presentation gave me some incentive to stay awake a little longer.

In the past few years I have more spare home time to read gossip crap, local goings on and “date night” stuff possibilities. This information gives me date night suggestions if Amy asks what’s happening in Bako. When the movie La-La-Land opened locally I suggested Amy and I go see it.

I’m sure my fellow husbands are aware of what “positive points” can do to overall totals of romance and time management. I mean, sometimes there’s the need for dwindling NASCAR rated viewing or a weak college football challenge to watch. A guy might need to cash in some “positive points” to accomplish the viewing event.

One can’t go wrong adding a romantic musical to the possibilities.

Yes, I thought La La Land was overrated but cute. Didn’t matter… the ‘positive point’s had been accumulated and I ground through the entire viewing.

So, last night, when a much older man than me, Warren Beatty, got up to read the Best Movie Award, I stayed involved knowing how easy it is for us old guys to screw thing up.

Who would have thought of the massive embarrassing screw-up that happened? And it wasn’t even the old fart’s mistake. They had handed him the wrong card. He He He.

This is when my magical life event happened. Well, actually around 5am… my normal wake-time.

At that exact moment… the new future…THE AUTO RESET happened.

I felt something surge though my body, up my arms, around my chest and explode in my brain…the supposed troubled part of my being that had been giving me fits the past few months.

Every reality I had believed was part of my present life that stopped… when I woke this morning. Nothing remained the same.

Pretty pretty cool.

I felt great, like I was around twenty eight years old. I immediately started making plans for my new day, like my old life. I know some of these things might sound strange, but it’s been awhile and I wanted to do these things immediately.

It was going to be rainy so I cancelled my golfing plans. However I thought I could get in a few hours of some things I hadn’t tried for dozens of years. I mentally worked in some games of bowling, a couple hours of shooting some hoops, doing a few laps at the roller rink, cooking a huge meal for Amy and maybe another high-rated “point awarded” movie to end the evening.

One more flash around the latest “news” talk about the Academy Award mess-up to reassure me that this really was happening. It was a matter now of doing the research on the internet.

And the stuff that changed was unreal…and sometimes a little painful…but it was RESET DAY so we had to adjust.

I won’t even talk about politics. Of course that was a huge mess-up and everyone already knows that couldn’t happen again in an immediate new election. Everyone immodesty backed out of that stupid Presidency mistake.

Probably the most painful, at least to certain of my friends, was the mess-up and apologetic truth-ism of the Cubs winning the World Series. I felt bad about that mess-up that happened during the playoffs, but HEY…the truth is we had to take the World Series title away. When one thinks about it now, it does seem the correct natural way of life. The Cubs did not deserve to even play in the World Series so this has been straightened out.

FILE - In this Oct. 2, 2008, file photo, a Chicago Cubs fan sits alone in the stands after Game 2 of the NL Division Series against the Los Angeles Dodgers in Chicago. What happens when a lovable loser is no longer a loser? If the Cubs win the World Series for the first time since 1908, what happens to fans who have waited for next year their entire lives? Experts in psychology suggest that Cubs fans will undergo a big change in their identity, which has been shaped by more than a century of falling short of winning the World Series. (AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast, File) ORG XMIT: ILMG102

Speaking of other sports it’s certainly a mess-up on New England winning the recent Super Bowl. We apologized to Atlanta and straightened that out too.

Finally I got around to checking my recent medical records. I apologize to my family and friends. No one should feel as good as I do and have bad reports sorting through the computer/tv/radio waves. I thank you for your kind words, loving visits, and incredible friendships. I’m not sure if I tricked my doctors into putting out false information or possibly allow me to take some very cool drugs that fooled them. I just know I’ve certainly appreciated all the love from you. And I feel great!



Shit happens.

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4 Responses to RESET 2272017

  1. heyannis says:

    “Reset Day” but this is still true: I love you! So great to read your words, Dan. Thank you! xoA

  2. Susie Behler says:

    So happy to hear you are feeling better

  3. Janet Skibinski says:

    I wish you many more days in “reset” because you are my friend and I could only wish the best for you. I love you, Dan. XO

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